Finding a good book is like finding a best friend, and we can all agree that every child needs such friends in their lives, no? Through books, you travel, learn, laugh, cry, and understand what others go through – their perspectives and struggles. If you’d like you’re your child to learn and show empathy, to be compassionate to self and others, to learn how the world works (with all its perils), and for your little one to be a strong human, get them a good book.

In those pages are affirming messages about life, perspectives that lead your child to develop a great/ strong opinion, and in the simplest of ways, the best books teach children about financial management, communication, and other life skills. You don’t want your child knowing about the downfalls of poor financial planning, and it´s always better to grow up without credit check loan.

So, which are the best children books?

A book with a good story: can we all agree that the best children books must, in the very least, make you and your child laugh? Every children book must be fun to read. The lessons come after.

Strong characters: we wouldn’t be raving about the Harry Potter series for all these years if the book didn’t have strong characters. So, if you are going to buy a children book, learn and ask about the characters. A great storekeeper will tell you all about – just look for smart, strong, and brave. Our kids need to hear more about strong men and women in the world, fictional or otherwise, especially if the characters face and overcome challenges.

Look for diversity: we live in a society wrapped up in the self, and the only way for us to make the world better is through books. Let these books be about diversity. Diversity in culture, religions, and customs because people from around the world and before us have had experiences different than others. So, if you want your child to have an open view of the world, let them read about people of color, the LGBTQ community, emotional and physical differences in the differently-abled persons, and world histories

The popular books are worth a second/ tenth reading: if you want your child to embrace reading in childhood and even in adulthood, introduce them to the popular books we’ve all read or heard about.

From Dr. Seuss, Harry Potter, and Diary of a Wimpy Kid to the Magic Tree House and Chronicles of Narnia among others, your list of the best children books is endless.

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