Eat My Dust!

Eat My Dust!

Henry Ford's First Race

Gr. 1-2. Readers get a taste of history plus plenty of action in this lively entry in the Step into Reading series, which will have great appeal for boys. Color artwork, full of exaggeration, movement, and comical detail, catches the fun and excitement of Ford's history-making auto-race defeat of Alexander Winton, which brought in enough cash to allow Ford to start his famous company. The story has no chapter breaks to give newer readers a breather, but the type is large and well spaced, and the action is so involving, especially after the race starts, that kids won't want to stop reading until Ford crosses the finish line. A brief author's note fills in a bit more of the history.

-- BookList, August 1, 2004, Copyright American Library Association.

My six-year-old asked about how cars were invented, and we purchased this "easy reader" as an introduction. My six-year-old and four-year-old sons like the story. At the conclusion of the (abbreviated and simplified) account of Henry Ford and the Model T, there is an historic photo of Henry Ford which is pretty neat.

Keeping interesting reading for a beginning reader is always a challenge. Henry Ford's First Race was a winner, especially with our six year old son. The cover is now curled from repeated reading.

-- review from reader